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Jaime Vendera
I consider Valerie Bastien a colleague in the field of voice. She is a knowledgeable vocal coach and in fact, the only coach that I personally approve of  teaching my methodology. Not only is she a great vocal instructor, but a fantastic singer and artist, as well as an excellent interviewer of other singers, knowing how to pull from them an understanding of how they approach singing individually. I believe her interview skills are so strong because of her understanding of true vocal mechanics. I am also proud to say that we publish her books and that she is part of the team at the Vendera Vocal Academy.

Jaime Vendera (Ohio, USA)

Hi there, Im the singer of "Liturgy of War". Currently working on our second studio album.  Without the few lessons I had with Valerie this past year it would have been nearly impossible to accomplish.  I have worked with Valerie for vocal issues I had and to recuperate from the injury I suffered from coughing for 2 weeks straight due to massive bacterial infection!!  My voice was GONE and I needed counsel.  Valerie helped me with specific exercises and pointed out a couple of things that I was unaware of.  She knows what's going on mechanically with the voice!  I publicly endorse her book "Voice Yourself in the Classroom" due to its outstanding value to singers and public speakers.  Valerie is an asset to the community of teachers we have and anyone looking to improve.  I strongly urge you to stop "trying to  figure it out on your own".  With proper counsel you will go MUCH further and faster.

|2amone Talarico (New Jersey, USA)


Valerie Bastien played a fundamental part in my understanding and development of vocal technique.  With her guidance I was able to uncover a vocal depth and richness I did not know I was capable of.  Furthermore her ease and professionalism made my weekly sessions with her as fun as they were enriching.  This can be heard on my up and coming album "Amor Fati" available this fall; check it out!

William Rideout aka Prolific (Toronto, Canada)

I have been taking weekly lessons from Valerie for approximately three months and it's been a great experience.  Valerie takes me through some warm-up exercises and then we work on a particular song I'm interested in learning how to sing.  I find my vocal range, fullness and confidence have increased with Valerie's help and her tips have helped me practice throughout the week.  Valerie makes the lesson atmosphere very comfortable and inviting and I'm happy to have been able to work on developing my vocals with Valerie.  A++

Jay R, (Toronto, Canada)

Valerie helped diagnose and fix my vocal issues with fundamental breathing and form techniques.  A good voice doctor who quickly targeted the problems holding me back.

Jesse C. (Cornwall, Canada)

Valerie really spot my weaknesses and problems in singing and speaking, and she has this unique
method to push me onto the right path.

Ava Zhang (Toronto)

Even one lesson has helped!  I will take more.  Thanks again!
Chris Reed (Toronto, Canada)

I have been doing the exercises we ran through on our first lesson very regularly, and just using my voice more often, and I am happy to say that they really work! I have definitely noticed improvements.  It's amazing what a big different these simple exercises can make.

Maria G. (Toronto, Canada)

"Thanks to Val, I have discovered my voice! Under her enthusiastic and dedicated guidance my singing abilities improved dramatically. As a result of her methodical and customized approach to teaching, my vocal range, clarity and power  increased substantially.  Looking back I would have never imagined I would be singing now with such confidence. I highly recommend Val's singing lessons!"

Nikola Toljic (Toronto, Canada)

"The improvements of my vocal ear and pitch I have made while taking lessons with Valerie have proven to be of immeasurable value and incredible help in my later singing journey."
René R. (Vienna, Austria)

"As a first time singing student, I have nothing but great things to say about Valerie. She is very pleasant and fun to work with and she has made me feel comfortable and welcomed into the world of singing. I couldn't have found a better teacher to work with."

Jessica N (Cambridge, Canada)

I had a precise and professional free vocal assessment from Valerie. She gave me precious advices and encouraged me to keep singing even though I hated my voice. I am Currently saving to be able to afford full sessions with Valerie.

Edith S (Toronto, Canada)