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Valerie Bastien is a musician at heart and an educator by choice.  She is a vocal coach, musician, teacher and author.  Formerly trained as a classical singer, she obtained her Baccalaureate in Fine Arts (Specialization Music Performance) from Concordia University in 1998 and she later graduated from University of Ottawa in 2003 with a second Baccalaureate in Education. 

Valerie works with singers and artists of all genres including touring musicians.  She helps singers of different levels and vocal styles stay on top of their game vocally.  She teaches how to develop correct singing techniques, apply successful healthy vocal strategies and grow creatively in order to consistently perform on the road or in the studio.  Valerie was personally mentored by Jaime Vendera.  She specializes in applying Bel Canto derived techniques to modern contemporary rock and pop singing in order to develop a beautiful, vibrant, powerful, rich, pure and balanced tone.   She has found the perfect way to combine her love of learning and sharing, and passion for music by interviewing her favorite musicians in the rock industry.  She is currently conducting interviews for VoiceYourselfGoes360.com giving artists exposure to a worldwide audience. 

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In addition to offering singing training to singers, Valerie has also spent over the last 10 years of her career teaching elementary school.  After realizing that many teachers struggled with vocal fatigue in her community, she was inspired to write “Voice Yourself in the Classroom!” a book that is directly intended to meet the vocal needs of teachers.  It offers strategies to find one’s natural dynamic speaking voice: a voice that will project easily, feel good, sound great and of course last.   Go to VoiceYourselfInTheClassroom.com for more information and online advices on the speaking voice.

If you have ever set foot in Old Montreal during the mid-nineties, you might have heard her coloratura voice resonate throughout Place Jacques-Cartier where she was once regularly performing opera arias as a street artist.  Valerie now writes her own music.  Simple arrangements, a pure vocal tone and little instrument ornamentations keep her music organic and genuine.  Her classical training, colorful tone and French accent make for a unique pop/folk sound with a hint of world/new age feel. Valerie’s music can be heard at ValerieBastien.com