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Valerie Bastien, Singing Teacher & Vocal Coach, Toronto

Welcome! I am Valerie Bastien, Vocal Coach and TeacherI am passionate about
music and the voice, a wonderful and intricate instrument.
  I have been teaching
singing in Toronto and on Skype for over 10 years and a musician for the last three
  I specialize in freeing the voice from unwanted tension and developing a
pure tone.  I'd love to work with you.  You will learn how to:

- Beautify your tone - Extend your range - Develop interpretation
- Use breath support - Improve projection - Eliminate stage fright
- Correct posture
- Sing on pitch - Increase your confidence
- Clearly enunciate
- Stay in rhythm - Avoid vocal fatigue
- Connect your registers - Release tension - Maintain vocal health

Singing Lessons Toronto
Find your natural dynamic singing voice and maintain it.  This is what I teach; we can
take your singing to the next level.   The vocal instrument is a fantastic orchestra of
its own.  With simple breakthrough techniques, you will discover how to coordinate
the different sections of the singing body to align your instrument and create the most
beautiful sound you have EVER heard!  Set goals and reach out for your dreams!   If
you cared enough to find me here, I care enough to get you started.  I guarantee that
you will hear results after as little as ONE lesson.  Yes; only ONE lesson!  Imagine
the possibilities...  Together, we can achieve your full vocal potential.  All ages and
styles welcome.

To hear my music, learn about the speaking voice in a teaching environment or read my
interviews with pop and rock stars, click on the websites below.

Sing your heart out!

-Valerie Bastien

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Valerie Bastien is a vocal coach, teacher, musician and freelance journalist.
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